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Dr. Frangopol Was Awarded Honorary Professor of Tongji


Recently, Dan M. Frangopol, the distinguished Fazlur Rahman Khan structural engineering professor of Lehigh University was conferred the title of Honorary Professor of Tongji University. The University Executive Vice-President Li Yongsheng presented the certificate to Dr. Frangopol and addressed at the ceremony.

With a world-wide reputation for outstanding academic achievement, Prof. Frangopol focused on the communication and development of the international civil engineering circle. In the past few years, he launched exchanges and cooperation of various forms with Civil Engineering College of Tongji University. Promoted by Prof. Frangopol, Tongi signed cooperation agreement with Structural Engineering Research Center of Lehigh University (one of the US National Engineering Research Centers) at the end of 2008. During the three-day visit, Prof. Frangopol attended the faculty meeting and visited testing equipments. He also made an academic report about the life-cycle of civil engineering structures to Tongji students.
Prof. Frangopol has taught in Bucharest Civil Engineering University, Romania, University of Colorado, US and now the distinguished Fazlur Rahman Khan structural engineering professor of Lehigh University. He was the founder and Executive Chairman of IABMAS (The International Association for Bridge Maintenance and Safety) and IALCCE (The International Association for Life-Cycle Civil Engineering).

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