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110th Anniversary Celebrations of Tongji University Initiated

By:Tongji News Center  Published:03/30/2017 

A ceremony was held to initiate Tongji University’s 110th anniversary celebrations at Room 410, ZongheBuilding on Siping Campus of the university during noontime March 20th, 2017.


The design of the anniversary logo was based upon “Tong”, the first Chinese character of the four characters of Tongji University to indicate the university’s motto of “cooperating by riding on the same boat towards the same goal”, itspatriotism of “making contributions to whole world” and a harmonious ideal of “keeping harmony and unity of whole world.” The logo has a pattern of a Chinese traditional seal with warm and red color, and the number 110 is intricately carved on the pattern for the 100th anniversary to mean Tongji University is driving forward to be a sustainable world-class university “with one heart and one dream”.

Shanghai Tongji Assets Management Co., Ltd. donated ¥202.2 million to the university,in cooperation with related industries, to help build Tongji into a world-class university. This was the largest sum of money from one organization and by a single donation that the University Foundation had ever received.


Tongji University’s 110thanniversary will fall on May 20th 2017. Series of activities will be organized including an international forum on “sustainability and university responsibilities” and a meeting for the alumni worldwide.