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The salon of teachers focuses on "virtual reality and university teaching"

By:Teacher Development Center  Published:05/11/2017 
On April 27th, the second term of this semester luncheon salon was held in activity base ofTeacher Development CenterintheZonghebuildingofSiping campus .The theme of the current activities is "virtual reality and university teaching". We invited Liu Zhejun, teacher of the Institute of Arts and Media, and also broughtart andmedia college students art exhibition VR entries and wearing VR-related equipment which is the latest achievements based on the application of the various departments of our university. More than 50 teachers from schools of Siping campus together experienced the virtual world and explored the mystery of the VR in the teaching of colleges and universities.
Virtual reality makes use of computer simulation to create a three-dimensional virtual environment and provide users a visual interaction with the virtual world of three-dimensional interfacethrough a variety of terminal-assisted sensing equipment, which allows users tomake natural interaction with virtual world through visual, auditory, tactile, smell, taste and other senses, resulting in a sense of immersion.
Mr. Liu believes that the introduction of the concept of VR in the teaching fieldnot only contributes to teachers displaying better and explaining the points of the relevant knowledge in the course, but also offers students the opportunity to experience and to be immersive.