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Tongji International Exchange Students Providing Teaching Service in Lizhuang Village

By:International Students Office   Published:06/08/2017 
A few days ago, the launching ceremony of teaching service of Tongji international exchange student and the culture trip of seeking Tongji roots in Lizhuang Village, Sichuan Province, was held and started at the Siping Campus. This activity aims to make international exchange students know the special Tongji history in Lizhuang and the deep friendship between Tongji University and Lizhuang Village. Besides, the teaching activity also brought Tongji students a platform to serve society, which was conducive to the quality education of the local students and it helped them to broaden their horizons.
International exchange students taught in different classes in Lizhuang Middle School and built good relationships with students there in a short time through icebreaker games. In addition, they displayed the customs and traditional culture of various counties by means of music, sports, dance, English, and so on. While leaving, international exchange students said they were willing to return to Lizhuang again in the future for long-term teaching and they expressed their gratitude to the Lizhuang people for their efforts to clear all difficulties during the Anti-Japanese War to welcome the move of Tongji faculty and students.