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Tongji Students Obtain Good Results in Mechanical Production Digitalization Design Competition

By:School of mechanical engineering  Published:06/07/2017 
On June 2nd to 4th, the Seventh National College Students Mechanical Production Digitalization Design Final Competition was held in WuchangShouyi University (originally known as Wuchang campus of Huazhong University of Science and Technology), organized by the mechanical subject Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education. Students of Tongji University built three teams to compete in the final completion; each of them won the second prize.
The National Mechanical Production Digitalization Design Competition aims to introduce and foster the creative design awareness of students, their ability to design, and their teamwork spirit. The competition can also enhance their ability to design and enrich their engineering experience, all in an effort to increase students ’working ability to design machine via a creative mindset. The competition was divided into two rounds. The first round involved students spending six months completing a piece of work with a 3D module, motion simulation, design instruction, and a thesis defense in the final round. There were 100 teams that broke through the final competition, which required spending four hours completing an onsite project.