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2017 Digital FUTURE Shanghai summer camp opens

By:College of Architecture and Urban Planning   Published:06/26/2017 
On the afternoon of June 24th, 2017, one of the series of activities of 2017 Digital FUTURE - the opening ceremony of the summer camp themed as "visualization VS. materialization" and SPAN new book launch were held in the College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

This year, around 300 students have applied for the summer school, wherein 146 students of 55 universities both at home and abroad as well as 12 architecture design institutions were selected after the preliminary selection by the organizing committee and mentors of each group. With the support of eight robots, two CNC computer numerical control machines, five UAVs, UWB indoor positioning devices, thermal imagers and 3D printers, the students with different backgrounds will undoubtedly be inspired to create great design works.