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Mathematician Zhang Yitang Pays An Academic Visit to TongJi Universtiy

By:School of Mathematics and Science   Published:07/10/2017 
From June 21 - 23, Chinese outstanding mathematician, Zhang Yitang, was invited to pay an academic visit to Tongji University. On the afternoon of June 22, Zhang Yitang made a public report entitled: "My Academic Road" at the Sino-French Center Auditorium. Nearly 300 experts and scholars, graduate students and undergraduate students from Tongji and other universities came to the auditorium for the report.
Looking back his academic road, Zhang Yitang suggested that three principles should be born in mind in academic research. First, keep to our original aspiration -- we must consider seriously the original intention of doing the research, whether the topic we chose really deserves study, and whether the research makes people feel excited and delightful; second, be confident -- we have to consider carefully the research potential and space of the topic we chose by consulting the existing results to decide whether we can do better; and third, always maintain perseverance -- when suffering from setbacks, we have to think about our original intention of the research and face it with will power and perseverance.

"The aspects of mathematics that attract me the most are its extreme conciseness and big challenge," with which Zhang Tangyi answered the question of "What is the beauty of mathematics?" raised by a student to encourage the mathematics learners, lovers and researchers who were present. After the speech, all the teachers and students stood up and clapped to pay tribute to this outstanding Chinese mathematician. Their clapping continued for a long time.