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The Closing Ceremony of Tongji University’s 2017 Visiting Scholar’s Further Research Program

By:School of Continuing Education   Published:08/07/2017 
At noon on June 26, the closing ceremony of Tongji University’s 2017 visiting scholar’s further research program was held at the teacher development center on Siping Campus with the attendance of over 50 visiting scholars.

To Youth, the short film created by Tongji University’s 2016 visiting scholar further research program, was shown during the ceremony. Moreover, based on their own learning experience, the scholars also expressed their ideas on the topic of “Tongji for me and I for Tongji”. In a cheerful and enthusiastic atmosphere, graduate certificates were issued to the visiting scholars and group photos were taken

With the support from the Personnel Office, Resources Administratiion Office and other administration offices of the university, the 2017 visiting scholar’s further research program was organized by School of Continuing Education under the auspices of the Research Management Offfice. Most visiting scholars benefited a lot from the program. According to incomplete statistics, the 2017 visiting scholars on the program took advantage of Tongji University’s resources and expertise and published nearly 20 academic papers including two SCI papers, six EI papers, three CSCD papers and over ten papers on journals listed on Peking University core journal index and two patents. Moreover, they participated in nearly 700 academic activities and attended classes of almost 2000 hours in total.