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Special Concert 2016 by Tongji Teachers’ Choir

By:Union  Published:01/03/2017 
On the evening of December 7th, 2016, a special concert was presented by Tongji Teacher’s Choir in 129 Auditorium, Siping Campus, Tongji University. The theme of the concert was Rhymes of Harmony and Voice of Teachers.

The concert was planned and organized by members from the choir with Professor Wei LI, a professional singer from the College of Art and Media of the university acting as art consultant and Dr. Jihong HE, a teacher from the School of Foreign Languages as hostess. The theme was displayed in four chapters: Classical Music, Chorus in Harmony, National Rhymes and Ode to Motherland. Teachers in the choir performed mixed chorus, male chorus and female chorus on works of Farewell to the South of City, Capriccio of Jianzhen’s Journey to Japan, in Bright Sunlight, and Farewell to Cambridge. The University Senior Teachers’ Choir and the new Female Professors’ Chamber Choir of Tongji University staged their elegant performances to the audience at the invitation of the Teachers’ Choir.

Since the Teachers’ Choir was resumed in 2013, they have participated in a number of shows at Shanghai and in universities. The concert was the first themed concert of the choir, which demonstrated their achievements in recent years. Teachers from the choir meet regularly for rehearsals to the piano accomplishment by Hui FANG and under the direction of Yang ZHU, both are teachers from the College of Art and Media of the university.