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Academician Wang Pinxian’s Interpretation of “Science and Vision” for Young Students

By: School of Ocean and Earth Science  Published:04/13/2017 
On the evening of April 18, Academician Wang Pinxian continued to teach Lecture 4of “Science, Culture and Ocean” course: “Science and Vision-Span of Time and Space, and Depth of Cognition”.


Academician Wang quoted extensively to make a targeted and progressive analysis onthe theme of science and vision. From the different perspectives and visions of men and horses,he explained that one’s vision will determine his or her feelings and cognition.As a result,we must recognize the limitations of one’s own time and space scale when understanding the world.

“A front view of the mountain range is changed into a peak from the side view. Different sights of the mountain emerge as you stand afar, near, high and low.” Mr. Wang cited Su Dongpo’s poem and pointed out that different perspectives could lead to different effects. He said, the reason for Du Fu’s lines“When shall I reach the top and hold all mountains in a single glance” is the expansion of horizon.He emphasized the significant scientific requirements surrounding wide vision and large experiments. One should continue to expand one’s vision. Technological progresses have helped people greatly broaden horizons, but we still lack many insights.
Academician Wang also pointed out that the time scales between creatures were not the same and each enjoyed their own respectively. Although the human life span has been extended in the last 200 years by leaps and bounds, people still cannot usetheir own time scale to look at other living beings.

Finally, academician Wang stated that humans always rely on their own senses when observing the world. “Human centralism” involving time and space is the biggest obstacle of cognizing the world.Currently, human beings are facing the contradictions of the “useless” masses and elites under the background of high-tech development.

In short, he stressed that in scientific research,we need to“have an overall view but practice specifically” and avoid having grandiose aims but puny abilities. We must do solid work on the right track,and move toward the goal without losing the direction. As academician Wang said, the truth is always simple.We should think more when pursuing scientific truths.