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Qian Xuhong talks about “change the mindset” --The fifth lesson of “Science, culture and ocean”

By:The University News Center   Published:05/11/2017 
On the night of May 2nd professor Qian Xuhong, academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, was invited to lecture on the course “Science, culture and ocean” opened by academician Wang Pingxian, the topic of his lecture was “change the mindset”.
“Mindset is not thought, but the process of thinking and breeds the idea.”The viewpoint of academician Qian is very clear: mindset is a lot more important than knowledge, subject and idea. He thinks that classical mechanics and quantum mechanics enlighten us that fixed mindset will lead to misjudgment, only by changing the monopoly mindset can we let free our mindset and bring along diversity.
“However, the change of mindset is not about changing from east to west, left to right, it is about changing from one dimension to multi dimensions.”, said academician Qin. Fixed comprehensiveness or one-way of thinking is not good to our wisdom. Only by combining these two ways together can we know the world in an all-round way.

“Changing the world starts from changing ourselves, while changing ourselves stems from changing our mindset”, he pointed out that modern education should lay much emphasis on training the way of thinking, we should change the way of thinking intuitively, one-dimensionally and out of our stereotypes.
After the lecture, Mr. Qian discussed with the students deeply and provided his own advice on “how to change the mindset.”