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Nobel Prize winner appointed as distinguished professor of Tongji University

By:News Center, Medical College and Dongfang Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University  Published:04/21/2017 
Professor Barry J. Marshall, the 2005 Nobel Prize laureate in physiology or medicine, received a red-covered letter of appointment from ZHONG Zhihua, the president of Tongji University and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and then became a distinguished professor at Tongji University on April 20th. He will establish “Marshall HP (Helicobacter Pylori) Comprehensive Laboratory” at Tongji University, give lessons to undergraduates of Medical College and educate postgraduates as well as doctoral candidates. On the same day, Professor Barry J. Marshall also signed the agreement on the joint establishment of “Marshall International Digestive Diseases Treatment Center” with Dongfang Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, according to which he will carry out precise and tailor-made treatment on helicobacter pylori and international treatment on digestive diseases in Shanghai, thus bringing relief to Chinese patients. Furthermore, he will see patients in person in the near future.
On the same day Professor Marshall also delivered the lecture titled Becoming a Great Master from a Physician, which described the process of discovering helicobacter pylori with his partners 35 years ago and shared his experience and thoughts about decades long scientific research process. Moreover, he also interacted with students of the Medical College.