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110 Tongji alumni run in LizhuangVillage to celebrate 110th anniversary of Tongji University

By: Alumni Association   Published:05/10/2017 
On May 6th, 110 representatives of Tongji alumni from all over the world celebratedthe 110thanniversaryof Tongji University with marathon running at LizhuangVillage in Yibin City, Sichuan Province.
After the “August 13thIncident” of 1937, Tongji moved inland 6 times, travelling thousands of miles away. In the most difficult times in 1940, Lizhuang Village, with a mere 3000 population at the time, sent a telegram to Tongji University. It read that Lizhuang welcomed your move into Sichuan and the local government would provide everything you need. Then,Lizhuang received about 10,000 students and faculties who were displaced due to the war for up to 6 years. In this shelter, students could go back to class. Thus, the academic works of Tongji even of China were possible to pass on.
It is reported that the event themed “Tongji, run all over the world”, was highly recognized by Tongji people around the world. Now, over 100,000 alumni are converged to the online platform. It is estimated that the event will make a difference to360,000 alumni and sweep over more than 10 million people.