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Graduation Exhibition of Class 2016 from College of Design and Innovation




On 15th June, a themed graduation exhibition on World from Different Perspectives was opened for BA students of Class 2016 by the College of Design and Innovation. About 100 design works were on display covering a wide range of topics and fields, such as industrial design, visual communication, including digital media, and environment design. Visitors were amazed to see a high-tech transportation vehicle which could switch freely between the single-wheel and double-wheel modes, an upgraded stretcher which could bring patients an ultra-soft and comfortable feeling, and tableware for Happy Meals together with an app which helped to tell whether kids could well absorb the nutrient. The exhibition showcased the graduation projects by BA graduates from the College of Design and Innovation and demonstrated the efforts made by the college in its exploration of the undergraduate education, esp. in its innovation practice.

The theme of World from Different Perspectives was embodied in the curation and planning, layout and style, content and implication, and in the individual styles and overall features of the exhibition. The young designers faced challenges from the society and took the responsibility of promoting a sustainable society by means of their design and searching for solutions to existing problems with design-style thinking.

Mass media, universities both at home and abroad, enterprises, art and design organizations, startup incubators and venture investors paid close attention to the exhibition and which helped the college establish effective cooperation with leading enterprises both at home and abroad by providing joint teaching posts and laboratories, and carrying out cooperative research and transfer of research results.

The exhibition is open to the public and will last for 30 days.


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