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The Rehearsal of Stage Play Crossing the River in the Same Boat Went Through aPreliminary Evaluation

By: the Youth League Committee and Art Center   Published:03/28/2017 
Recently, the stage play Crossing the River in the Same Boat went through a preliminary evaluation in the little theatre of south campus. Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee MA Jinming, leaders of the Office of the Party Committee, the Committee on Concerns for the Young Generation, the PromotionDepartment, the Art Center, the College of Arts and Media, and other units all watched the rehearsal. 
After concentrated preparations and rehearsals throughout the month, the crewsof Crossing the River in the Same Boat have finished the rehearsal and production of the main body. This play includes seven parts, which cover contents like the establishment of Tongji University, move into the inland area, resistance against Japanese aggression, running the school in Lizhuang, department adjustments after the founding of China, contributions in the new period, prospects for the future,and so on. The play shows the cultural symbols and spiritual support that Tongji University endows students with.
External experts think highly of the 110-minute stage performance and its artistic level. On the other hand, they also offered advice on music, arrangements, drama and other aspects from anartistic angle. Relevant leaders provided suggestions from the point of historical fact. MA Jinming hopes that the crews of theplay will constantly strive for perfection and give an electrifying performance.