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Art group of Tongji University stages flash mob of “May Fourth”Youth Day

By:Communist Youth League Committee of Tongji University, Art Center   Published:05/08/2017 
On May 4th at noon, the art group of Tongji University held flash mob of the "May Fourth" Youth Day with the theme of “in name of youth”at Beiyuan dining hallon Siping campus.

In the “May Fourth” Youth Day, the road show as one of the characteristics of the show of student art group, intended to promote the “May Fourth” spirit. The students will dance together with the emerging flash mob, where most students are willing to express and to accept, celebrate and commemorate the “May Fourth” Youth Day.

School animation club brought dance “love words leaves” as the opening of the flash mob. The students danced to the music and expressed thanks with warm dance. The next dance “Cannot stop the feeling” was presented by our school dancers. Accompanied by a rhythmic music melody, dance group students’ vibrant dance was so dazzling and attractive that many teachers and students stop to watch.

The flash was short, but it was surprising and memorable.