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The 14th World Conference on Transport Research Held at Tongji University


On July 11th 2016, the opening ceremony of the 14th World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR) held at Tongji University attracted over 1000 participants from more than 80 countries, including Professor PEI Gang, President of Tongji University, Professor Yoshitsugu Hayashi, President of World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS) from Chubu University, Professor Manfred Boltze, Chair of WCTRS Scientific Committee from Technische Universität Darmstadt, Mr. WU Zhongze, Chairman of China Intelligent Transportation Systems Association (ITS China), and Mr. ZHUANG Shaoqin, Director of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Planning, Land and Resources. FANG Shou’en, Executive President of WCTR, Vice Party Secretary of Tongji University and Professor at College of Transportation Engineering chaird the ceremony.



WCTR is an international academic conference organized by WCTRS and has been held every three years since 1977 in countries where scientific research on transport, technology advancement and talent training are strikingly distinctive. It aims at providing an interdisciplinary platform for researchers, managers, decision-makers and educators worldwide to exchange ideas in the broad field of transport research. Over six days from July 10 to 15, nearly 2000 participants, including experts, scholars and entrepreneurs, discussed eight issues of “Transport Modes – General”, “Freight Transport and Logistics”, “Traffic Operations, Management and Control”, “Activity and Transport Demands”, “Transport Economics and Finance”, “Transport, Land-use and Sustainability”, “Transport Planning and Policy”, and “Transport in Emerging and Developing Countries” . Furthermore, participants from over 80 countries submitted 1153 papers in total. The WCTR was structured into four topic areas, composed of 39 session tracks where 231 technical seminars, 28 special forums and 3 keynote forums were held. At the closing ceremony, the results of discussions were presented by Chairmen of these sessions accordingly, and the host city for the 15th WCTR was announced.


On July 10, World Youth Conference on Transport Research and Academic Seminar on International Transport Safety were held, and lots of hot issues in the field became subjects under discussion. Besides, from July 14 to 15, participants paid technical visits to such major projects in Shanghai as Yangshan Deep-Water Harbor, Chonging Yangtze River Bridge-tunnel, Hongqiao Integrated Transport Hub, Shanghai Municipal Center for Road & Rail Transport Control, and the Transport Research Base of Tongji University.



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