Hanli Wang Lab Director  
Current Members:  
Lei Wang Ph.D. student (2012-)  
Bo Xiao Ph.D. student (2013-)  
Yun Yi Ph.D. student (2013-)  
Pengjie Tang Ph.D. student (2014-)  
Tao Tian Ph.D. student (2014-)  
Yu Long Ph.D. student (2015-)  
Hanzhang Wang Ph.D. student (2016-)  
Xiaoyang Sun Ph.D. student (2017-)  
Xiuzhe Wu MSc. student (2015-)  
Kaisheng Xu MSc. student (2015-)  
Yihao Chen MSc. student (2015-)  
Lijun Chen MSc. student (2016-)  
Fang Fang MSc. student (2016-)  
Chi Zhang MSc. student (2016-)  
Siyuan Wu MSc. student (2016-)  
Jiangchuan Wei MSc. student (2017-)  
Zefeng Sun MSc. student (2017-)  
Xinyu Zhang MSc. student (2017-)  
Tiesong Zhao Ph.D. (2007-2011) Co-supervised with Prof. Sam Kwong, Professor, Fuzhou University
Sudeng Hu MSc. (2008-2010) Co-supervised with Prof. Sam Kwong, Software Engineer, Apple, U.S.
Yun Shen MSc. (2011-2014) Software engineer, Bank of ICBC, Shanghai
Yue Heng MSc. (2011-2014) Video software engineer, Marvell Semiconductor, Shanghai
Fengkuangtian Zhu MSc. (2012-2015) Software engineer, Oracle Asia Research and Development Center (OARDC) Shanghai
Han Du MSc. (2012-2015) Software engineer, Alibaba, Hangzhou
Dingjun Yu MSc. (2012-2015) Software engineer, Paypal, Shanghai
Ming Ma MSc. (2012-2015) Research and development engineer, Baidu China Co. Ltd, Shanghai
Tianyao Sun MSc. (2013-2016) Software engineer, Hengfeng Bank Co. Ltd, Shanghai
Xiaobin Zheng MSc. (2013-2016) Big data engineer, China Unionpay Open Source Development, Shanghai
Peiqiu Chen MSc. (2014-2017) Software engineer, Big Data Group, Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd.
Lingxuan Zuo MSc. (2014-2017) Architecture engineer, Netease Inc.
Bowen Zhang MSc. (2014-2017) Ph.D. candidate, Univeristy of Southern California

Multimedia and Intelligent Computing (MIC) Lab